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The trade network “ICECO” constantly expands the network of its stores in order to be closer to the customers all over Lithuania. The network of “ICECO” stores consists of 13 shop which offers a broad assortment of ice cream, frozen desserts  products to the buyers. The shops trading in high-quality products have gathered a circle of regular customers, who enjoy fresh produce at the manufacturer’s prices as well as the chance to be the first ones to try new products, within several years.

The majority of the assortment in the stores consists of the products marked by the trademarks “Zigmas” and “Junga” as well as ice cream and frozen desserts “Aurum” and “Tirpukas”, which are well-known both in Lithuania and other countries. You can also buy various frozen vegetables and culinary products: dumplings, cepelinai (stuffed potato dumplings), pizzas and filo pastry in “ICECO” shops.
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